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Coin Counting Machine Sorting Winmax-O201

Original price was: ฿7,500.Current price is: ฿4,400.
  • Digital display, high precision.
  • 500 coins input capacity
  • Counting speed 216 coins per minute.
  • Count and sort coins at the same time.
  • Display the total value of the counted coins.
  • Certified by CE, ROHS.

Banknote Counter Counterfeit Bill Detector Winmax-O103

Original price was: ฿7,900.Current price is: ฿5,800.
  • Detects counterfeit banknotes with UV + MG
  • Banknote compartment capacity: 200 notes
  • There is a warning sound when a counterfeit banknote is found.
  • Counting speed> 900 per minute
  • Use a 4 digit LCD display on the machine.
  • Overall weight about 6.3 kg.